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Is Benji Madden using Paris Hilton?

There’s some speculating going on in certain circles that Benji Madden is just using Paris Hilton to help him get over Sophie Monk. Is Paris headed for heartbreak hotel?


Some people seem to think Paris really is in love with Benji, but Benji couldn’t possibly have gotten over his ex Sophie in such a short space of time to have fallen so head over heels in love with Paris. He was engaged to be married to Sophie after all. There were some real feelings there and you just don’t get over that in two seconds after a split.

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Paris judges Miss Turkey beauty pageant

Paris was hired to be a judge at the Miss Turkey beauty pageant. She was brought on stage by a belly dancer during the show and ended up just posing randomly as the belly dancing just wasn’t happening.


It doesn’t appear as if the people of Turkey were generally all that pleased that Paris was in their country….

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Paris tries to belly dance

Poor Paris; but she’s to be applauded for her ability to smile in the face of embarrassment….

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Paris and Benji are in Munich Germany


The love affair rages on. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have left South Africa and are now in Munich, Germany. Wonder what kind of charity work Paris will get photographed doing while in Munich. Or are there no unfortunate people in Munich?

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Paris and Benji’s African Safari

paris-hilton-benji-madden-safari-africa.jpgParis and Benji have left Africa, but while they were there they went on a safari adventure at the Aquila Private Game Reserve, near Cape Town, according to reports. They spent a few days in the honeymoon suite and “went on long game drives, viewed Khoi San rock art and got up-close- and-personal with the large herds of game at the luxury reserve.

Paris is quoted to have called the experience incredible.

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Paris and Benji pet a cheetah

Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Benji Madden are still in South Africa and were seen petting a cheetah. Looks like the  relationship is still going strong.


If there’s any truth to the rumor that Nicole Richie is rooting for them to split up it looks like she might have to tolerate having Paris around at least a little while  longer.

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Paris thinks West Africa is a country

paris-west-africa-country.jpgPoor Paris Hilton can’t catch a break. People are always ready to tear her down, mock her, make fun of her every mistake.

Paris’ latest oops is a mistake made when answering a reporter’s question about her impressions of Africa. Paris apparently replied:

I love Africa in general South Africa and West Africa , they are both great countries.

If you don’t get it, then maybe you’re a dumb blonde. That’s what Paris is being called for referring to the “region” of West Africa as a “country”.

In other Paris Hilton South Africa news, Paris apparently threw herself a party last Friday night. The party was attended by enthusiastic fans who apparently cheered hysterically every time Paris leaned over the balcony of the VIP area and waved.

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Paris to become the next Angelina Jolie?

Paris used her trip to South Africa with boyfriend Benji Madden and his band to start her do-good mission. She visted an orphanage and posed with Orphans.


Most people are criticizing her saying she was just using the orphans for photo-ops but we personally give Paris kudos for trying. She might be able to turn her life around by following the Angelina Jolie path. You never know. Angelina Jolie didn’t always have a Mother Theresa image….

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Paris’ mom likes her boyfriend

Here’s what Paris’ mom Kathy had to say about her new boyfriend Benji Madden:


He’s great, he seems like a really nice guy. If she’s happy, then I’m happy. It’s nice not to have, you know, the spoiled trust fund babies. I like somebody who’s nice, hardworking and down-to-earth. It’s definitely easy. It feels very natural.

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Paris posing with little girl in South Africa

Paris Hilton posing with a little girl in South Africa

Paris is in South Africa with her boyfriend Benji Madden and took some time out to sign autographs for fans and pose with a cute little girl.

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